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Repertoire C4: Selective Adopters

Typically born between 1963 and 1980, the Selective adopters form 14,4 % of the total population representative sample. We encounter yet another user type whose majority maintains the radio as an indispensable companion within their daily routine. However more than 70 % listen to original CDs on at least a weekly basis. In addition to that, they also occassionally access digital music files per free video streaming services, internal memory and memory sticks. Self compiled CDs and Internet radio complement the repertoire of the Selective Adopters. In terms of audio devices the frequency of use of car radio exceeds that of all other user types. Alongside analog radio devices and hifi systems members of this repertoire also tend to also use mobile players, laptops and smartphones regularly to listen to music. The typical audio emitters of the Selective Adopters are hifi stereo loudspeakers and internal speakers as well as earphones.

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