Survey music and media

Research Design

Survey Musik und Medien is a nationwide representative survey complemented with additional follow-up household interviews. Not only does it deliver representative audio media usage data on the German population, the project also aims at determining dominant Audio Repertoires within society and at gaining a better understanding of long-term changes in audio media use. To confront these challenges, qualitative and quantitative are combined in form of a mixed methods research design.
1. Nationwide representative survey (completed):
– n = 2000 persons aged 14 to 93
– representative CATI-sample in a “dual-frame” approach (1400 / 600)
– inquiry realized in January 2013 (tns Emnid)
– 44 items concerning “self-determined” audio media usage in 2012
– 12 sociodemographic variables of different scaling
– explorative classification through Latent Class Analysis

2. Follow-up interviews (work in progress):
– approx. 40 biographic-episodical semi-structured interviews addressing:
• growing up with music and audio media
• attitudes towards music and audio technologies
• everyday music listening situations
• practices and habits in everyday music reception
– interpretive analysis based on Grounded Theory / Documentary Method

For further information on sampling and data collection in the representative Survey we provide the tns Emnid methods report here.

Once the follow-up interview study is completed, documentation of methodologys and excerpts of results will be published on this website.

Furthermore, we will provide access to the entire raw data set upon final completion of the project.

This research project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)
and operates within the Audio Communication Group of the Technische Universität Berlin.