Survey music and media

Audio Repertoires

Audio Repertoires are widespread patterns regarding the use of audiotechnologies in everyday life which may also be interpreted as “user types”. They were identified in Survey Musik und Medien 2012 based on the nationwide collected representative Audio Usage Data.

Nowadays, people listen to music by means of various different devices, infrastructures and technologies. Furthermore, people often tend to combine those options within their daily routines. Therefore, it is reasonable to analyze and interpret everyday Audio Media Usage as complex combinations of various media technologies – the Audio Repertoires.

In Survey Musik und Medien 2012 we were able to determine six different Audio Repertoires by applying Latent Class Analysis:

Repertoire C1: Versatile Audiophiles

Repertoire C2: Digital Mobilists

Repertoire C3: Selective Traditionalists

Repertoire C4: Selective Adopters

Repertoire C5: Versatile Traditionalists

Repertoire C6: Radio Traditionalists

This research project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)
and operates within the Audio Communication Group of the Technische Universität Berlin.