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Audio Emitters

Where did the sound emanate from in 2012? Audio Emitters comprise those technical objects that are connected to Audio Devices in order to make Audio Sources audible. This category includes headphones and loudspeakers with both diverse sound formats (mono, stereo, surround) as well as various device types (Headphones: small, standard, HiFi; Loudspeakers: integrated models, single components and docking stations).

The most popular Audio Emitter in 2012 is represented by integrated TV speakers: 39 % of the Germans used them at least once per week for music listening. Next in line follow diverse integrated speaker solutions (mono 35 %, stereo and surround 25 %) within Audio Devices, of which the major part can be ascribed presumably to laptops, smartphones, tablets and MP3 players. On the other hand 35 % of the Germans in 2012 were listening to music at least weekly via HiFi speakers. Ranked far behind are additional surround speakers and subwoofers, which typically come with home cinema solutions. The “hit” among portable headphones are small earphones with a total of 23 % in frequency of use for at least weekly music listening followed by headsets and standard headphones. 7 % of the Germans listen to music in that manner via HiFi stereo headphones. A surprisingly big role play active speakers, particularly monophonic active speakers (23 %) but also stereophonic ones. In contrast only 6 % of the Germans in 2012 used docking stations for portable devices with integrated speakers for frequent music listening.

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This research project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG)
and operates within the Audio Communication Group of the Technische Universität Berlin.